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Because, as great as technology is, it cannot replace the human element of smart business. We are not a vending machine. We talk to our clients in order to understand their needs. And we ask questions that (we've been told) no other transcription company asks.

We will answer your questions honestly. You will get all the information you need to make an informed decision about choosing the best transcription service for your needs, whether it turns out to be Same Day Transcriptions or not.

Don’t worry!

We don't do high-pressure sales. And we promise not to waste your time. We've been doing this since 2003. There is little we have not heard. We know the right questions to ask and how to get you on your way quickly. You are busy; we get it.

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No problem. We’ll leave a voice message and follow with an email reminder so you can call us when it’s convenient for you. We keep ridiculous hours, so you shouldn’t find it hard to reach us.

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If you don’t hear from us, it means we’re not getting your inquiry or email. Call us direct at 856-656-0416.

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