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From speaker conferences to research projects, legal wire-taps and more, your personal transcription team will follow your instructions "to a T." And by scheduling in advance, you will have  plenty of time to meet your important deadlines!

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A few examples of our professional transcription solutions...

Medical Research Transcription Services
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and The School of Nursing

Research Transcription Services

Summary: University researchers needed to efficiently transcribe multicenter research data and interviews.

    Special Needs:

  • Strict data confidentiality
  • Expert level knowledge of medical terminology
  • Careful attention to deliver exact verbatim transcription of qualitative data.
  • Advanced project scheduling for fast turnaround of interview transcription and panel discussions.

A University graduate researcher contacted us in 2007 to assist with their department’s research transcription needs. Previously, they had been using university staff and graduate students to transcribe recordings, which was grossly inefficient.

Same Day Transcriptions formed a team of research transcription specialists with advanced proficiency in medical terminology and crafted a custom workflow (designed to accommodate a large but sporadic flow of project based work).
Based on these results, Same Day Transcriptions is actively referred to other departments and medical schools across the country – collaborating on research.


  1. Faster access to new data to facilitate continued study.
  2. Accurate documentation of findings.
  3. Simplified sharing of data for multi-center studies.
  4. Indexed data for easy web based access.
  5. Reliable research transcription service for ongoing studies to the current day.

Oral History Transcription
US Army (General David Petraeus; US Military Academy at West Point)

Military and Government Transcription Services

Summary: General Petraeus needed transcription services to support his high-visibility public speaking engagements.

Special Needs: On-demand transcription service with immediate processing (with little or no lead time).

Same Day Transcriptions was contacted by the General’s office in 2008 to provide on-demand transcription service for his frequent public speaking engagements and interviews. In-house staff previously handled this, but they were not able to deliver as quickly and reliably as required.

Same Day Transcriptions created a top-priority government transcription team with expert availability 24/7.


  1. Fast reporting of important meetings for the General’s review.
  2. Accurate transcription of all meetings for future reference.
  3. Secure data transfer and management for confidentiality.
  4. Reliable, on-demand government transcription service for important, last-minute meetings, briefs and speaking engagements.

Conference Transcription Services
Conference Archives & American Heart Association

Conference Transcription Services

Summary: Conference Archives, Inc. needed to partner with a reliable conference transcription service capable of handling high volume projects with highly detailed formatting requirements and tight deadlines.

Special Needs: Exact compliance with specific formatting and scalable capacity to meet deadlines consistently. Ability to accurately transcribe (and/or translate) sessions spoken in foreign languages. Reliable account management and project planning for rolling delivery of 1,000 hours of conference presentations within a six-week period.

Same Day Transcriptions was contacted by Conference Archives, Inc.’s (CAI) CEO in November 2003 to manage the transcription for the Annual International Conference for the American Heart Association. Previously, CAI was using two other transcription companies to handle these conferences, in addition to a separate language translation service. They were looking to partner with a single professional transcription and translation company that could reliably meet their deadlines and support their business growth.

Same Day Transcriptions designed a customized conference transcription solution for CAI with the ability to handle high volumes of work and dedicated account experts with key focus on:

  • Formatting specifications (with or without time codes)
  • Labor requirements
  • High-volume workflow management
  • Translation service for non-English speaking participants
  • Triple-proof accuracy™ process
  • File reconciliation


  1. Successful launch of value-added web content
  2. Improved marketability of content
  3. Membership growth
  4. Member retention
  5. Increased revenue
  6. Reliable conference transcription service for ongoing work

Academic Transcription Services
University of Notre Dame

Executive Dictation and Transcription Services

Summary: University of Notre Dame executives across the country needed a fast, reliable, and consistent system for recording research, alumnae meetings and post-meeting notes.

Special Needs: Confidentiality of highly sensitive personal and financial data.

In 2004, Same Day Transcriptions was contacted by the University of Notre Dame. At the time, school executives were manually entering their notes in to their computer at the end of the day. Busy schedules and frequent travel often delayed the recall and recording of important meeting points. Subsequently, this constrained executive planning. A university vice president noticed that the inefficiency in the system caused missed fundraising opportunities.

Same Day Transcriptions designed a customized dictation and transcription workflow, allowing executives to dictate important meeting notes on demand, when it was most convenient. Their digital dictations could then be processed with urgent turnaround under tight data controls. The school’s customized service features:

  • Flexible dictation options: digital voice recorder or telephone dictation
  • 14-hour delivery of reports
  • Secure transfer of digital dictation and transcription, with true 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Dedicated team attached to the account


  1. Complete record of key meeting points recorded during and/or after meetings.
  2. Fast delivery of reports for executive review.
  3. Improved effectiveness for executives.
  4. Reliable and accurate recording of client encounters.
  5. Increase in alumnae fundraising.

Media Transcription Services
ESPN (Adena Andrews, Amanda Rykoff, Jeremy Schaap)

Media Transcription Services

Summary: Emmy award winning sportswriter needed accurate transcription service for high-profile athlete interviews.

Special Needs: Ability to intelligently edit without compromising the integrity of the interview and the capacity to manage fluctuating workflow with short turnaround requirement.

We were first contacted in 2008 by Jimmy Roberts (another Emmy award winning sportswriter and broadcaster for ESPN and NBC Sports) to manage the interview transcription for a major book project. Successful handling of the job has brought referrals to other well-known broadcasters. Jeremy had been relying on other media transcription services that proved unreliable or unable to handle the fluctuating workloads and meet his stringent requirements for accurate grammar and punctuation.

Same Day Transcriptions formed a dedicated media transcription team. These language experts have specific experience with editing for book writing and news stories.


  1. Dedicated media transcription service to accommodate flexible interview scheduling.
  2. Expert assistance with editing.
  3. On-time production to meet important publisher deadlines.
  4. Reliable media transcription service for ongoing studies to the current day.

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