Why transcription services are different

(and how to make sure you don’t hire the wrong one for your work).

When it comes to finding the right transcription service for your work, there are many to choose from. And they all fall in to one of two categories.

First is the freelance transcription website. This web-based service works well for rough draft transcription, where data confidentiality is not a concern and you have no special instructions to communicate. Submitting work is quick and simple, and the price can’t be beat. Freelance transcription websites are run by service brokers who invite transcriptionists from around the world to bid on jobs in a web-based work-pool.

Why people like freelance transcription websites:

  • Low price – as a result of a seemingly endless, global pool of typists.
  • Start immediately – no need to talk to anyone before submitting work for transcription.

But when your work needs close attention to detail…

And you have a high volume of audio, where consistency is essential and data confidentiality matters, a ten minute phone call to a dedicated transcription service is time well spent.

With a full-service, professional transcription company, you can’t start service before answering a few questions about the details of your work. You will probably even be asked a few things you hadn’t thought of. And it usually costs a little more than what the freelance transcription websites charge. Because the expertise of the people doing the work is greater. They are more experienced. They command higher pay. These professional transcription services are run by companies like Same Day Transcriptions.

Who uses Same Day Transcriptions?

Busy professionals with important work and strict deadlines. They want meticulous people working for them. They are demanding. And they don’t like excuses. They are Fortune 500 companies. Independent consultants. Healthcare science firms. Researchers. Doctoral candidates. Medical offices. Colleges and universities. More.

Why do professionals choose Same Day Transcriptions?

  • Formed in 2003.
  • Over 2 million transcriptions delivered.
  • 3,500+ doctors transcribed.
  • Hundreds of companies, big and small, public and private.
  • Exclusive relationships with colleges and universities across the US.
Data Confidentiality
  • Specialty based transcription teams.
  • Research transcription experts certified by National Institutes of Health in Protecting Human Subject Research Subjects.
  • HIPAA compliant, secure data transmission.
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements are welcome.
Triple Proof Accuracy®

Subject matter experts utilizing a proprietary Triple-Proof Accuracy™ process for medical transcription (including medical research); research transcription (verbatim or light edit); meeting and conference transcription (including time codes, speaker ID, etc.); media transcription, and legal transcription (including surveillance, hearings, debriefs).


For large, mission-critical jobs, a dedicated account manager helps with project scheduling and delivery and any other important job requirements. From recording, to file management, formatting, coding and more, the process is streamlined and professionally managed from inception to end.


Your work gets done right the first time. You get a straightforward approach that tells you what you need to know without sales-talk BS. You get someone who knows what they are talking about. Someone who will handle it all for you.

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